Texturing Geometry

Texture Coordinates Requirededit

  • geometry needs to have uv Texture Coordinates to apply textures or maps to it
  • to create texture coordinates set the Generator SOP's Texture Coordinate parameter, or use a Point SOP or a Texture SOP downstream in the network
  • the Texture SOP gives control over how the uv coordinates are mapped to the surface

Using Images as Texture Mapsedit

  • read the image (still image or movie) into TOPs using a Movie File In TOP
  • specify the TOP's path in the Color Map parameter of the material (Constant MAT, PBR MAT, Phong MAT, and Point Sprite MAT have Color Maps)
  • a TOP can be dragged & dropped onto the Color Map parameter
  • apply the material to the geometry by assigning the MAT to the Material parameter of the Geometry COMP (that contains the SOP geometry).

Example file using image and video as the Color Map in a Material.

File:Texturing geometry.tox

TexturingGeometry Ex.png