TOP Viewer

All TOP operators have interactive Node Viewers. To interact with it, turn on the TOP's Viewer Active Flag to make the viewer active.


A gray checkerboard background will be displayed in images where an alpha channel is present. This can be turned off by opening Preferences in the Edit menu. In preferences you can choose to use checkerboard or black as you alpha background.

Use LMB to move the image around. Use MMB to zoom in and out of the image. Re-center the image by using the home shortcut "h".

Clicking the RMB will open the viewer options menu. Keyboard shortcuts are listed beside each entry in the menu.


Home - Re-centers and scales the image to fit in the viewer.

Display Pixel Values - Displays pixel information over the image. The Timeline should be playing forward for the values to properly update.

The following is displayed:

  • cursor uv coordinates
  • cursor xy pixel coordinates
  • RGB values 0-255
  • RGB values 0-1

Display Field Guide - Displays a 24x24 field guide over the image. The guide also displays the action safe zone and title safe zone for the image.

Display Mode - The display mode options give the option of viewing certain channels of the image.

The following display modes are available:

  • Color - Display all RGB channles.
  • Red/Green/Blue/Alpha - Display the Red/Green/Blue/Alpha channel respectively.
  • Mono - Display the image in monochrome.
  • Normalize Split - Displays each channel in the image at the same time normalized from 0-1. Excellent for viewing floating point and point cloud data.

View as Points - Displays the data in the TOP as 3D points for each pixel assuming red = x, green = y, and blue = z. Useful for viewing point cloud data.


Point cloud data displayed 3 modes: 1) Color 2) Normalized Split 3) View as Points