TDBitwig Release Notes

Version Informationedit

  • Current TDBitwig Beta Version is 4
  • Most recently tested version of Bitwig is Pre-Release 5.0.7 but will work fine with 5.0.4 as well.
    • TDBitwig Component set is at version 1.1.45.
    • Bitwig Java Extension file version is 1.1.10.
    • Remember to drag in from the palette and add a new tdBitwigPackage component, or replace the one that was there. Only one tdBitwigPackage component can be added at time. Press "Update" to update your components.
    • Check your version numbers on the component "About" page, to double check.
    • Check the Bitwig TouchDesigner extension version via the Bitwig controller extension UI or the bitwigMain component About page.

Bitwig Extension File Has Been Movededit

  • The extension file is now located in the palette:
    • Palette → TDBitwig → Right Click Folder → Select Browse Folder
    • Get the extension file and copy it to the Bitwig extension folder. More info here...

User Guide Location Changededit

Beta 4 New Important Itemsedit

We renamed a few TDBitwig Componentsedit

We sincerely apologize for this but it was better to do it before things went official. The package updater process will not work with these so you will have to replace the following component types manually.

  • bitwigDeviceRemotes → bitwigRemotesDevice
  • bitwigProjectRemotes → bitwigRemotesProject
  • bitwigTrackRemotes → bitwigRemotesTrack

Experimental Componentsedit

There are two experimental components that are not well supported by the Bitwig SDK. These components are not supported by Derivative, they might not work well, and they could disappear. Use at your own risk. If you love them or hate them, feedback is always appreciated.

  • bitwigClipFollower
    • Follows changes to current clip of the selected Track. Unfortunately, the Bitwig SDK doesn’t support following clips in a very deterministic way, so until we can hash this out, you can use this component to follow clip changes in clip launcher.
  • bitwigClipTimer
    • Use this component to get a clean TouchDesigner ramp that syncs with a specified clip. Internally it fires a timer CHOP to sync Bitwig clips with a clean TouchDesigner ramp. You can use the ramp to playback a movie for example. The timing information doesn’t come from Bitwig so this is an experiment for what many desire for clip locking behavior. Please let us know if this works well enough or not.

Known Outstanding Issuesedit

  • Page Aliases should be turned off.
    • In the project panel you can turn off “Alias preset remotes on tracks” to avoid an update bug with Device Preset Remote pages not correctly updating on changes. This avoids device preset pages getting pushed up to the track pages which can be confusing.
  • Remote Pages get lost after Bitwig restart.
    • Remote Page selection for Project, Track and Device will be lost after restarting the file. All page selections will jump back to the first page of any remote page bank. ( This is the main issue we are waiting to resolve in the Bitwig SDK ).
  • Bitwig interaction locks out but Bitwig keeps running. Quitting TouchDesigner restores Bitwig interactivity.
    • If Bitwig UI stops responding to clicks but otherwise seems alive, first save TouchDesigner, then quit TouchDesigner and reload your TouchDesigner file. If Bitwig interactivity is restored, please report this event to Derivative along with your operating system and graphics card model. This rarely occurs, but it certainly happens and we have yet to isolate why.
  • We have seen note components stop working. To remedy, cut and paste the bitwigNote component to make it come alive again - please report case where it seems a pinned cursor seems to be assigned correctly but stops responding. We are looking for a reproducible case.

Fixed Issues With Bitwig Studio 5.0.7edit

  • Device and Remote Page Bug
    • Only a single page can be accessed per Track and Device page. This was only recently discovered and is a high priority issue. Fixed in Bitwig 5.0.4
  • Remote Device page component looses the pinned device cursor. Pre-release 5.0.7 fixes this issue. Now pinned devices should maintain their pinned assignments. Please be on the lookout and report lost device pins if they occur.