Synchronizing Multiple Computersedit

The levels of synchronizing computers are:

Sync In/Out CHOPS is a software sync that syncs the creation of the content. Hardware Sync/Frame Lock syncs the presentation of the content to the displays. Hardware Frame lock is the method to achieve hardware sync. But we can use the terms interchangeably as well.

It is not effective to use hardware sync if you don’t have software sync going since the content presented to the hardware will not be in sync in the first place. however, it can be effective to use software sync without hardware sync, the content will arrive to the hardware in sync and only differences in hardware timing will be present, which are in some cases acceptable.

See also: Syncing Multiple Computers, Hardware Frame Lock.

Syncing on One Computeredit

See Vertical Sync and Horizontal Tearing, Window Component.

Syncing Movie Audio and Videoedit

Since audio and video from a movie file take different paths, see Audio Sync Offset adjustments in Audio Movie CHOP and Buffer Length in Audio Device Out CHOP. There will also be further delay in the audio hardware to your speakers and ears. Video delays go through double-triple buffering on your graphics card, and delays in your display monitor and your video cabling/routing.

Syncing Generative Contentedit