Superquad SOP


The Superquad SOP generates an isoquadric surface. This produces a spherical shape that is similar to a metaball, with the difference that it doesn't change it's shape in response to what surrounds it. You can change the XY Exponent of an isoquadric surface to define it to be more "squarish" or "starish" in shape. Also, an isoquadric surface is always defined as a polygonal or mesh type geometry.


Parameters - Page

Primitive Type type - - Select from the following types. For information on the different types, see the Geometry Types Guide. Depending on the primitive type chosen, some SOP options may not apply.

  • Polygon poly -
  • Mesh mesh -

Connectivity surftype - - This option is used to select the type of surface, when using a Mesh primitive type.

  • Rows rows - Creates horizontal lines.
  • Columns cols - Creates vertical lines.
  • Rows and Columns rowcol - Both Rows and Columns. Looks like Quads in wire frame display, but all polygons are open (if the primitive type is polygon).
  • Triangles triangles - Build the grid with Triangles.
  • Quadrilaterals quads - Generates sides composed of quadrilaterals (default).
  • Alternating Triangles alttriangles - Generates triangles that are opposed; similar to the Triangles option.

Modify Bounds modifybounds - Available only when an input is connected to the Superquad SOP to set bounds for the superquad. When Modify Bounds = On the transform parameters below will further modify the position and radius of the bounds.

Radius rad - - Determines overall radius.

  • X radx -
  • Y rady -
  • Z radz -

Center t - - Offset of superquad center from object center.

  • X tx -
  • Y ty -
  • Z tz -

Orientation orient - - Determines pole axis for the iso surface.

  • X Axis x -
  • Y Axis y -
  • Z Axis z -

Rows rows - Number of rows used in the superquad.

Columns cols - Number of columns used in the superquad.

XY Exponent expxy - The XY Exponent determines inflation / contraction in the X and Y axes.

Z Exponent expz - The Z Exponent determines inflation / contraction in the Z axis. See the Metaball SOP for a description of exponents.

Multiple Points per Pole upole - Determines whether points at the poles are shared or are unique to the columns.

Cusp Polygons cusp - Makes points unique, causing the superquad to be faceted.

Cusp Angle angle - Input angle in degrees to determine when vertices are shared or not, creating cusping.

Texture Coordinates texture - - Adds UV texture coordinates to the sphere.

  • Off off - No UV coordinates added to surface.
  • Row & Columns rowcol - Adds vertex UV coordinates.

Compute Normals normals - Creates normals on the geometry.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

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