Stitch SOP


The Stitch SOP is used to stretch two curves or surfaces to cover a smooth area. It can also be used to create certain types of upholstered fabrics such as cushions and parachutes.

If a second input is given, it must contain one surface that the primitives in the first input can stitch to. The left input can contain either faces or surfaces; in either case, each primitive in the first input is stitched to a parametric area of the surface in the second input in such a way that the parametric area allocated to each primitive is the same and the size of all areas added together equals the parametric range specified in the R Width (see below).

Please refer to the Align SOP for a discussion of "left" and "right" primitives as well as the option of an auxiliary input.


Parameters - Page

Group group - Which primitives to stitch. If blank, it stitches the entire input. Accepts patterns, as described in Pattern Matching.

Stitch stitchop - - Stitches sub-groups of n primitives or patterns of primitives.

  • All Primitives all -
  • Groups of N Primitives group -
  • Skip Every Nth Primitive skip -

N inc - The value entered for N determines the pattern of primitives stitched.

Wrap Last to First loop - If enabled, it connects the beginning of the first primitive in the left input to the end of the last primitive in the same input. If only one primitive exists, its ends will be stitched together.

Direction dir - - Allows stitching along either the U or V parametric direction.

  • in U ujoin -
  • in V vjoin -

Tolerance tolerance - This parameter minimizes modification to the input sources. A smaller value creates less modification.

Bias bias - Determines which primitive remains unaffected. The values go from 0 - 1, where 0 - first, and 1 - last.

Left UV leftuv - - Point on each left / right primitive at which to begin / end the stitch.

  • leftuv1 -
  • leftuv2 -

Right UV rightuv - - Point on each left / right primitive at which to begin / end the stitch.

  • rightuv1 -
  • rightuv2 -

LR Width lrwidth - - The first value represents the width of the left stitch. The second value represents the width of the right stitch.

  • lrwidth1 -
  • lrwidth2 -

Stitch dostitch - If selected, move a single row from each primitive to coincide.

Tangent dotangent - If selected, modifies neighbouring rows on each primitive to create identical slopes at the given rows.

Sharp Partials sharp - If selected, creates sharp corners at the ends of the stitch when the stitch partially spans a primitive.

Fixed Intersection fixed - When the tangent option is on, this option allows some flexibility as to which side of each slope is modified.

LR Scale lrscale - - Use this parameter to control the direction and position of the tangential slopes.

  • lrscale1 -
  • lrscale2 -

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -
  • Input 1 -

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