Sprinkle SOP


The Sprinkle SOP is used to add points to either the surface or the volume of a SOP. You can create points on a surface, or within a closed volume based on the Method menu. The Surface method keeps the distribution of points constant per unit area of surface, whereas Per-Primitive gives each primitive, usually triangles, a constant number per primitive no matter their size.

The second input is used when you are scattering on a deforming surface. You generally don't want the distribution of points to jump while deforming, so you give the deformed surface as second input and the un-deformed surface as the first input. The Sprinkle SOP will then distribute points on the un-deformed surface, and then put them on their equivalent place on the deformed surface.


Parameters - Sprinkle Page

Seed seed - Any number, integer or non-integer, which starts the random number generator. Each number gives completely different point positions.

Method method - - Describes where points are located.

  • Surface surface - Points are evenly distributed along the entire surface of the geometry. That is, smaller polygons receives fewer points on average than larger polygons, etc.
  • Per Primitive perprim - Points are distributed equally amongst each primitive. That is, each polygon receives the same number of points.
  • Bounding Box boundingbox - Points are distributed within the bounding box volume of the geometry. This can be faster, though less accurate than the volume method.
  • Approximate Volume approxvol - Points are evenly distributed within an approximation of the volume. Areas close to the surface may receive fewer points.
  • Volume volume - Points are evenly distributed within the entire volume of the geometry.

Number of Points numpoints - The total number of points created.

Consolidate consolidate - Remove points until remaining are a minimum distance apart.

Distance to Nearest Point neardist - Minimum distance when using Consolidate option.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -
  • Input 1 -

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