Release Notes/2022.40000/next

These are the release notes for our upcoming release. Welcome to the "insider club"!

Known Issues

Build 2022.40042 - Aug 26, 2022

New Features

  • Noise TOP - Added 'Derivative (slope)' toggle to get the gradient of the noise in the RGB channels. Only works in monochrome mode.
  • Pattern CHOP - Added a new ramp type called "Cyclic Ramp".
  • Pulse CHOP improvements
    • Added a second input to specify custom pulse indices.
    • Multiple channels now supported.
    • Options to set minimum spacing values for pulses if they overlap.
    • Pulse height determined by the number of repeated indices
    • Option to specify units for the pulse indices in samples, frames, or seconds.
    • Added 'true' 'linear interpolation' menu option - named "Connect"
  • Trigger CHOP - Added menu option 'Update once per Cycle' to update trigger shape parameters only once each cycle.
  • Table DAT fill features.
  • Insert DAT
    • Added rows and cols via cell expressions
    • Added 'Replace if Duplicate Name' toggle to replace existing column/row names if new ones have the same name.

New Python

New Palette

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Logic CHOP - 'Convert Input' menu indexing fixed.
  • Lookup CHOP - Added 'Extend Condition' menus with options for Copy From Input and the standard extend options found elsewhere ie. (Hold, Cycle, etc).
  • Text SOP - Fixed crash in some cases when using a Font File.

Backward Compatibility