Release Notes/2022.40000/next

These are the release notes for our upcoming release. Welcome to the "insider club"!

Known Issues

Build 2022.41260 - Mar 03, 2023

New Features

  • Timecode
  • OAK-D
  • Engine COMP - Added 'Go To Done' parameter, and 'On Done' parameter to determine behavior, plus onDone() callback, plus "done" channel, plus "goToDone()" Python command.
  • Engine COMP - Added 'Pre-Roll' parameter.
  • Engine COMP - Added parameters and Info CHOP channels for finer control of the TouchEngine process lifetime.
  • Engine COMP - Added Info CHOP channels output_cook_abs_frame, engine_absolute_frame, engine_absolute_seconds
  • Engine COMP - Removed 'Load and Start' option from new 'On Engine COMP Load' parameter because it conflicts with 'Start when Initialized' which can be used instead.
  • Engine COMP - Report errors on the loaded component. Use the MMB pop-up info on the component to view.
  • Text COMP / Text TOP - New options for selecting fonts via a new 'Typeface' parameter instead of the previous 'Bold' and 'Italics' parameters.
  • Noise TOP - Added 'Derivative (slope)' toggle to get the gradient of the noise in the RGB channels. Only works in monochrome mode.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added support for 12-bit output on Deltacast devices.
  • Laser CHOP - Added look-up CHOP for vertex hold min/max angles.
  • Laser CHOP - Added 'Blank State Channel' for help with debugging.
  • Pattern CHOP - Added a new ramp type called "Cyclic Ramp".
  • Pulse CHOP improvements
    • Added a second input to specify custom pulse indices.
    • Multiple channels now supported.
    • Options to set minimum spacing values for pulses if they overlap.
    • Pulse height determined by the number of repeated indices
    • Option to specify units for the pulse indices in samples, frames, or seconds.
    • Added 'true' 'linear interpolation' menu option - named "Connect"
  • Timeline CHOP - Added parameter to drive timeline time with a timecode object.
  • Timer CHOP - Active toggle expanded to: Never / Always / While Running
  • Timer CHOP - New Active option: 'While Playing' only cooks if any timers are active *and* Play is enabled.
  • Timer CHOP - 'Defer Parm Changes' controls whether or not parameter changes take affect immediately or after the next init/start cycle.
  • Trigger CHOP - Added menu option 'Update once per Cycle' to update trigger shape parameters only once each cycle.
  • Table DAT fill features.
  • Insert DAT
    • Added rows and cols via cell expressions
    • Added 'Replace if Duplicate Name' toggle to replace existing column/row names if new ones have the same name.
  • SOP operators now support directly saving contents as the following formats; dae, 3ds, dxf, obj (in addtion to fbx).
  • Blend SOP - Fixed crash when blend weights reached 0.

New Python

  • ParGroup.createSequence(ParGroup2), ParGroup.destroySequence()
    • p1.createSequnce(p2) Creates a sequence between p1..p2, appending 1 to each name.
    • destroySequence() removes all created blocks, and renames ParGroup names back to original.
  • App Class.systemFolder - New member that contains the installation folder for TouchDesigner system files.
  • ListCOMP Class - Added .dropRow .dropCol members. The current row/col about to be dropped over.
  • PanelCOMP Class - Added .dropReady The current state of the drop operation. True when the drop will be accepted
  • TimerCHOP Class.playingTimecode/cumulativeTimecode - Has been changed to return a tdu.Timecode object rather than a string
  • run function. First argument can now be an optional function instead of a string. This can be easier to work with rather than constructing an executable line of code with embedded quotes.
       run( lambda: print('A') )
       run( lambda x: print(x), 'B' )
       run( print, 'C', 'D', 'E')
    • run(func) now accepts keywords. ie. run( myfunc, 'C', a=1, stop=True)

New Palette

  • Palette:TDVS Recorder - First commit for TDVS ( a location for general video server components ). This first component is the recorder component which wraps a Movie File Out TOP for easier recording and encoding of videos.
  • Palette:TDVS Recorder - Improved menu tracking for bound dynamic menus. Also timeline rate is matched correctly to movie rate when match movie is selected.
  • Palette:TDVS Recorder - Record folder set to desktop and tried to improve default settings. Also added improved filename generator using extension.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated Nvidia Optical Flow to 4.0.11
  • Updated Nvidia Video Effects to 0.7.2
  • Updated JUCE v7.0.2
  • Text SOP - Fixed crash in some cases when using a Font File.
  • Fixed spurious errors when using Page.appendPar()
  • Errors are now provided when Floating Cloud and Dongle licenses are expired for the current build.
  • Floating Cloud licenses won't be consumed anymore if a better Dongle license is present on the system. Furthermore, floating cloud or dongle licenses won't be used if a higher level local license is installed through the Key Manager Dialog.
  • Improved accuracy of GPU timing calculations.
  • Fixed password dialog sometimes not opening on top of other windows.

Backward Compatibility

  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY ISSUE - check with Greg / Rob re removing some python names which were obsoleted in 2022.Official but left in for posterity. .masterSample,.masterFrame, .running....