Release Notes/2020.20000/next

Build 2020.28110 - Dec 23, 2020

New Features

Floating Cloud Licenses are now a new option for licensing. Floating Cloud licenses allows any internet connected machine to access a group of floating licenses on an account. Great for running TouchDesigner on cloud instances, with multi-office teams, for remote working, and easier management of many computers or users. For pricing and purchasing, please contact us at (and coming to the store soon).

New Python

New Palette

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Engine COMP - Additions and improvements.
    • Added 'Match Component Rate' and 'FPS' parameters to Tune page to help control the Engine COMP's playback rate.
    • Added 'Unload' pulse parameter.
    • Fixed crash which could occur after changing the loaded .tox file.
    • Faster loading when .tox file changed.
    • Some issues with CHOP inputs and dropping samples fixed.
    • For Engine COMP and TouchEngine, fixed bad UTF-8 strings through DATs, parameter names and values, channel names, and file paths.
    • Fixed some potential crashes.
  • Actor COMP - Fixed visual bug when updating scale parameters.
  • Constraint COMP / Actor COMP - Fixed crash when changing an actor with constraints while the simulation is running.
  • Script TOP - copyNumpyArray() now works when stride[0] doesn't match the width byte-stride of the image exactly.
  • Substance TOP - Fixed use of exposed string parameters in .sbsar Substance files.
  • Substance TOP - Fixed bug with input TOP changes not triggering a re-render of the Substance textures.
  • Video Device In TOP - Flir (previously called Point Grey) cameras using the Spinnaker SDK now work again. Upgraded to Spinnaker version
  • Clock CHOP - Fixed bug where milliseconds channel would fall out of sync with seconds channel when 'Hour Adjust' parameter had enough precision to shift by milliseconds.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed handling of utf-8 in XML content-type.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed handling of utf-8 text in DAT output.
  • Web Server DAT - Fixed crash when WebSocket connection is not closed cleanly on the client side.
  • WebSocket DAT - Fixed onConnect/onDisconnect callbacks being triggered when there is no WebSocket connection.
  • WebSocket DAT - Fixed Info DAT not reporting connected=0 when server not cleanly shutdown (ie. no close message sent).
  • XML DAT - Fixes for UTF8 support including standard entities, output, and recent hangs.
  • Privacy - Fixed Text TOP/Field COMP not working in protected components.
  • Fixed crash when entering/exiting Perform Mode that caused panels to re-clone.

Backward Compatibility