Raster SOP


The Raster SOP converts TOP image data to geometry by scanning left to right, top to bottom, outputting a geometry point at each pixel. This output can be used to display image data on laser devices, oscilloscopes or similar devices using the Laser CHOP. This is different from the Trace SOP which only outputs contour shapes from an image.


Parameters - Raster Page

TOP top - The path to the TOP to rasterize into geometry.

Direction direction - - Determines the direction of rasterization. Depending on the image horizontal or vertical might work better.

  • Horizontal horizontal - Scan horizontally.
  • Vertical vertical - Scan vertically.

Download Type downloadtype - - Gives the option for a delayed data download from the GPU, which is much faster and does not stall the render.

  • Immediate (Slow) immediate -
  • Next frame (Fast) nextframe -

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