Problems with License

The most common reason an existing key stops working is due to the machines system code changing. TouchDesigner license keys are system code specific, the system code is used to create the key and the key will not work if the system code has changed. You can view the current system code at the bottom of the Key Manager Dialog. You can inspect the system code used when a key was created by logging into MY ACCOUNT and reviewing the license in MY LICENSES.

Often system codes change after making core hardware changes (CPU/Motherboard) or operating system changes (such as reformatting or changing versions).

System Codes are made using various details from the computer’s hardware and the installed operation system, changing any of these details will result in a completely different system code.

Before making such changes to a machine with an active TouchDesigner key installed, we recommend disabling the existing key using the Key Manager Dialog.

For any other licensing questions or issues, please contact us at