Problems During Installation

Problems during Installation on Windows OSedit

Installer exits during installation or aborts with an Erroredit

When the Installer exits during Installation without giving a sufficient reason, start a Windows Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges and run:

"C:\MyFolder\TouchDesigner0xx.xxxxx.exe" /LOG="example.log"

Send the resulting log file as a zip or link including a description of the encountered error to Derivative Support

Note: If you persistently run into an issue with the installer, you can try running TouchDesigner without actually installing it. To some extent the installer just copies files to disk and makes sure that some prerequisites are met. All the required files are contained separately in the installer and you can try extracting them using the above mentioned /Extract Installer Command-line switch.

The extracted folderstructure will contain a bin folder in which you can find TouchDesigner.exe

Installer can't continue because of insufficient access rights to folderedit

This behavior can happen during the de-installation phase of a previously installed version. The best way around this is to restart your computer and start the installation process again.

Installer can't remove previous installed TouchDesigner versionedit

In some cases the Installer will quit because it was not able to uninstall a previously installed TouchDesigner version.

Geekuninstaller, available from here, has had good results when trying to resolve install and uninstall related problems.

If the error is persistent, try re-installing the previously installed version of TouchDesigner, remove it via the Windows "Apps & features" Dialog and try installing the new version again.