Polyloft SOP


The Polyloft SOP generates meshes of triangles by connecting (i.e. lofting/stitching) the points of open or closed faces without adding any new points. Polyloft can also connect groups of unrelated points in a similar fashion. The faces and the point groups need not have the same number of points.

The optional input specifies the rest geometry, typically the copy of the main input at a specific face (usually 1). This forces the point order to remain constant throughout the animation and prevents the triangular stitch from popping as the geometry deforms. If you specify face or point groups for lofting using rest geometry, make sure they are defined in the second input.


Parameters - Polyloft Page

Connect Closest Ends proximity - Start stitching at the two closest points, and handle arbitrary face orientation and start vertices.

Consolidate Points consolidate - Fuse neighbouring points before stitching.

Distance dist - Threshold distance for consolidation.

Minimize minimize - - Distance minimization goal:

  • 2-Point Distance point2 - Default stitching target.
  • 3-Point Distance point3 - May help avoid intersections.

U Wrap closeu - - Close the stitch in U (close each cross-section).

  • Off nonewu -
  • On wu -
  • If Primitive does ifprimwu -

V Wrap closev - - Connect first and last cross-sections.

  • Off nonewv -
  • On wv -
  • If Primitive does ifprimwv -

Create Polygon Group creategroup - Place the generated triangles into a group.

Name polygroup - Specify the name of the group here when the above parameter Create Polygon Group = On.

Method method - - Selects how to perform the lofting/stitching.

  • Faces faces - Stitch a set of faces by connecting their control vertices.
  • Points points - Stitch sets of points, each set acting as a cross-section.

Group group - Subset of faces to loft.

Keep Primitives prim - Preserve the cross-sections after stitching.

Parameters - Point Groups Page

Stitch sets of points, each set acting as a cross-section.

Group 0 pointgroup0 - Point groups.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -
  • Input 1 -

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