Each SOP has a list of Points. Each point has point attributes such as

  • an XYZ 3D position value.
  • other optional standard attributes like RGB color, alpha, texture UV and W, Normal XYZ.
  • user-defined attributes.

Each polygon is defined by a vertex list, which is a list of point numbers.

On s SOP, MMB on the node to see a summary of the points, polygons and other primitives, attributes and bounding box.

Note: Points can not be rendered directly. To render points they must first be Particles. Points can be converted to particles using the Convert SOP or generated directly by the Particle SOP. See also Point Sprite MAT.

See also: Point List, Geometry Detail, Point SOP, Point Class, Primitive, Polygon, Vertex, Prims Class, SOP, SOP Class, SOP to DAT, Script SOP, Point Groups, Primitive Groups, Attributes.