Pattern Replacement

Pattern Replacement takes place in a 2nd parameter after certain Pattern Matching parameters, for example in the Rename CHOP. It builds up the new names to replace the matched names using both the features of Pattern Expansion, as well as extra syntax specific to Pattern Replacement. The extra syntax allows for pulling out wildcards matched during the Pattern Matching.

The synxtax is either a * or a ?, followed by (wildcardIndex). Where wildcardIndex is an integer which is the index of the wildcard in the Pattern Matching parameter. For example if there are three * wildcards, you would reference them using *(0) *(1) and *(2). Similarly if there are 2 ? wildcard, they would be referenced using ?(0) and ?(1).

For example if a CHOP has 3 channels named


And the 'Rename From' has


as it's entry. You can pull out what was matched by the first * and the second * by using *(0) and *(1).

A pattern replacement of


Will result in the channel names


Pattern Replacement occurs in:

Rename CHOP, Select CHOP, File In CHOP, Parameter CHOP

See also Script CHOP where you can re-create channel names.