Parameter Reference

A parameter reference can be setup between any two integer or float parameters. This creates a link between the two parameters such that they will be equal.

Source Parameter - this parameter is being referenced by another parameter.

Referenced Parameter - this parameter's value is linked (referenced) to the source parameter.

Any change in the source parameter's value will change the referenced parameter's value.

Making a Parameter Referenceedit

Using right-click menus

1) Right click on any parameter and select Yank Parameter. This will be the source parameter.

2) Go to the parameter you wish to be referenced, right-click and select Put Yanked References

Using expressions

1) Use the TScript par() expression in the parameter field to directly reference another parameter.

Usage: ch("path_to_source_parameter")


  • par("radx")
  • par("geo1/torus1/radx")