Parameter DAT


The Parameter DAT outputs a table of parameter names and values of an operator, including custom parameters, from any OP type.

It can output pre-evaluated expressions, the Parameter Mode plus all attributes that define parameters - their type, label, ranges, menu items, limits, etc. in up to 24 columns of information.


Parameters - Parameter Page

Operators ops - The operators determine where to obtain the channels. Specify or more operator names or paths. Examples: wave1, slider*, constant[1-9] constant[10-19:2], ../base1. Or select the operators using the menu.  

Parameters parameters - The list of parameters names (which can include wildcards) you want to get from the OP(s). One or more parameter, or * for all parameters. You can also specify a "NOT" selection with an ^. Or select the parameter using the menu. See Pattern Matching.  

Include Op Name includeopname - Adds the OP name to the beginning of each parameter name in the table  

Rename from renamefrom - See Pattern Matching.  

Rename to renameto - See Pattern Expansion.  

Custom custom - Output the operators' custom parameters.  

Built-In builtin - Output the operators' built-in parameters.  

Parameters - Output Page

Toggles for information about the parameter and its value

Header header - Outputs the column headers.  

Name name - Outputs the parameter name.  

Value value - Outputs the evaluated parameter value.  

Eval eval - Outputs the evaluated parameter value as a python object.  

Constant constant - Outputs the current constant value of the parameter.  

Expression expression - Outputs the current python expression of the parameter.  

Export export - Outputs the export path of the parameter.  

Mode mode - Outputs the current mode of the parameter (constant, expression, or export).  

Style style - Outputs what format the parameter is (eg. Float for float parameters, Menu for menu parameters etc.).  

Tuplet Name tupletname - Outputs the name of the tuplet the parameter is in. For example, tx on the Geometry COMP is a part of the 't' tuplet.  

Size size - Outputs the size of the tuplet. For example, tx on the Geometry COMP would have a tuplet size of 3 since it's a part of the 't' tuplet with 3 parameters.  

Path path - Outputs the path to the node.  

Menu Index menuindex - If the parameter is a menu, then output the selected index of the menu.  

Parameters - Define Page

Toggles for information that define the parameter.

Min/Max minmax - Outputs the minimum and maximum values of the parameter. These values will clamp the value parameter to be within the range. If clampmin is 0 then the minimum will not clamp and the row/column entry will be 0. If clampmax is 0 then the maximum will not clamp and the row/column entry will be 1.  

Clamp Min/Max clampminmax - Outputs whether or not the parameter has a clamped min or clamped max. If true, then the values are defined by min/max columns.  

Norm Min/Max normminmax - Outputs the minimum and maximum values of the parameter in the interface (ie. the minimum and maximum values of a slider).  

Default default - Outputs the default value of the parameter  

Enabled enabled - Outputs whether the parameter is currently enabled  

Read Only readonly - Outputs whether the parameter is currently read-only  

Section section - Outputs whether the parameter has a section divider/separator (ie. line) above it.  

Menu Names menunames - Outputs a list of the menu names for any menu parameters.  

Menu Labels menulabels - Outputs a list of the menu labels for any menu parameters.  

Parameters - Common Page

Language language - - Select how the DAT decides which script language to operate on.

  • Input input - The DAT uses the inputs script language.
  • Node node - The DAT uses it's own script language.

Edit/View Extension extension - - Select the file extension this DAT should expose to external editors.

  • dat dat - various common file extensions.
  • From Language language - pick extension from DATs script language.
  • Custom Extension custom - Specify a custom extension.

Custom Extension customext - Specifiy the custom extension.  

Word Wrap wordwrap - - Enable Word Wrap for Node Display.

  • Input input - The DAT uses the inputs setting.
  • On on - Turn on Word Wrap.
  • Off off - Turn off Word Wrap.

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