ParGroupPulse Class

The ParGroupPulse class describes a subclass of a ParGroup ending with a pulse parameter. See also Custom ParGroup.


No operator specific members.


pulse(value, frames=nframes, seconds=nseconds)None:

Pulsing sets a parameter to the specific value, cooks the operator, then restores the parameter to its previous value.

For pulse type parameters no value is specified or used.

  • value - (Optional) The tuple to pulse this parGroup with, default is [1].
  • frames - (Optional) Number of frames before restoring the parameter to its original value.
  • seconds - (Optional) Number of seconds before restoring the parameter to its original value.
op('moviein1').parGroup.reload.pulse([1]) # set the reload toggle, then cook
op('glsl1').parGroup.loadvariablenames.pulse() # activate the pulse parameter
op('geo1').parGroup.t.pulse([0,2,0], frames=120) # pulse geometry transform for 120 frames
op('text1').parGroup.text.pulse(['GO!'], seconds=3) # pulse text TOP string field, for 3 seconds
op('noise').parGroup.type.pulse(['random'], seconds=0.5) # pulse noise menu type for half a second