PanelValue Class

A PanelValue describes an instance to a Panel Value. They can be accessed through a component's panel member, and are used in the Panel Execute DAT.

For a list of available panel values, see: Panel Value.


namestr (Read Only):

The name of the panel value. See Panel Value for the list of possible names. name is a string.

ownerOP (Read Only):

The OP to which this object belongs.

valvalue :

Get or set the panel value.

validbool (Read Only):

True if the referenced panel value currently exists, False if it has been deleted.


No operator specific methods.

Casting to a Value

The PanelValue Class implements all necessary methods to be treated as a number or string, which in this case gets or sets its value. Therefore, an explicit call to eval() or set() is unnecessary when used in a parameter, or in a numeric expression. For example, the following are equivalent in a parameter:


# the following are also equivalent
parent().panel.u.val + 1
parent().panel.u + 1

# as are the following
parent().panel.u.val = 0.5
parent().panel.u = 0.5

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