The SynchroFrameIn component performs the client role of the TDSynchro system. It configures to receive the frame index from the SynchroFrameOut module located on the server computer. There is one SynchroFrameIn component per client TD application.

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Parameters - Synchro Frame In Page

Sync Method Mode - - Sets the synchronization communication method. Sync CHOP method uses the TCP/IP protocol which is more accurate. The Sync CHOP is a PRO only feature. The TouchIn/Out CHOP method uses UDP protocol which can drop frames. However it may work better in situations where the network configuration is not optimal.

  • Sync CHOP (PRO Only Feature) Sync CHOP -
  • Touch In/Out CHOP Touch In/Out CHOP -

Sync CHOP Mode Settings Syncchopmodesettings -

Active Syncactive - Whether or not the Sync In CHOP is currently attempting to synchronize itself to a Sync Out CHOP

Multicast Address Syncmulticastaddress - An IP address to communicate on (

Port Syncport - The port number to communicate over

Sync Timeout (msec) Synctimeout - The maximum amount of time the CHOP will wait for synchronization signals from the other Sync CHOPs. This value is expressed in milliseconds.

TouchIn/Out Mode Settings Tdiomodesettings -

Active Tdioactive - Whether or not the Touch In CHOP is receiving data from Touch Out CHOP

Multicast Address Tdiomulticastaddress - An IP address to communicate on (

Port Tdioport - The port number to communicate over

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Help Help - A link to the help for this component.

Version Version - The version of this component.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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