NOTE: The Presets COMP from the Palette was dropped in Build 2022.29530 - Oct 19, 2022.

The Preset component is a simple tool to store presets for a parent component. It can be used to quickly save, recall and override settings made in all COMP type nodes.


  • drag the "Presets" Component from the Palette into the component you wish the presets associated with
  • on the presets "Setup" custom parameter page, make sure "Install Parameters In Parent" parameter is toggled on
  • if changing the "Parameter Component" COMP reference parameter, click the initialize button
  • on the parent component you will now find a Presets Custom Parameter Page where you can:
    • create new presets by specifying a name and clicking the "Create New" parameter
    • recall presets by selecting a stored preset from the "Preset" list parameter and clicking the "Recall" parameter
    • you are also able to update and delete a selected parameter