The pointWeight component creates a weight mask based on the XYZ point data stored in the input's RGB channels. The output mask will contain zero to one values for each point based on its position, with ones inside the selection volume and zeroes outside.

The selection volume is determined by the Shape and Transform parameters. The Falloff parameters determine if the volume has a hard edge or fades off gradually.

The output image can be used to control which points are rendered using the Active parameter of the Geometry COMP instance page, or as a weight mask in the second input of the Palette:pointTransform component.

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Parameters - Shape Page

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Version Version - The current version of this component.

Shape Shape - - The shape of the selection volume.

  • Sphere sphere - Points will be selected inside of a sphere of radius 1.

Transform Order Transformorder - - The order that the transformation parameters (translate, rotate and scale) will be applied to the position of the selection volume.

  • Scale Rotate Translate Scale_Rotate_Translate -
  • Scale Translate Rotate Scale_Translate_Rotate, -
  • Rotate Scale Translate Rotate_Scale_Translate, -
  • Rotate Translate Scale Rotate_Translate_Scale, -
  • Translate Scale Rotate Translate_Scale_Rotate, -
  • Translate Rotate Scale Translate_Rotate_Scale -

Rotate Order Rotateorder - - The order of the axes used to rotate the selection volume.

  • Rx Ry Rz RxRyRz -
  • Rx Rz Ry RxRzRy -
  • Ry Rx Rz RyRxRz -
  • Ry Rz Rx RyRzRx -
  • Rz Rx Ry RzRxRy -
  • Rz Ry Rx RzRyRx -

Translate Translate - - Move the position of the selection volume.

  • Translate Translatex -
  • Translate Translatey -
  • Translate Translatez -

Rotate Rotate - - Rotate the selection volume around the X, Y and Z axes.

  • Rotate Rotatex -
  • Rotate Rotatey -
  • Rotate Rotatez -

Scale Scale - - Squash or stretch the selection volume in the X, Y and Z axes.

  • Scale Scalex -
  • Scale Scaley -
  • Scale Scalez -

Pivot Pivot - - An XYZ position to rotate the selection volume around.

  • Pivot Pivotx -
  • Pivot Pivoty -
  • Pivot Pivotz -

Falloff Falloff - - Determines how points just outside the selection volume are weighted. If the falloff is set to None, points outside the selection volume will all be set to zero. For other falloff types, the weights will fade gradually to zero.

  • None none -
  • Linear lin -
  • Exponential exp -

Falloff Range Scale Falloffrange - Controls the range of the falloff effect. Zero is equivalent to having no falloff. Values greater than zero will stretch the falloff range away from the selection volume. The falloff range is relative to any scale applied to the selection volume, so the falloff will be further along axes that are scaled larger.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: positions - An input image containing XYZ point data in the RGB channels.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - A single-channel floating point image containing a weight value for each input pixel based on the point's position in space.

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