The xyScope COMP is an example of an audio visualization. It uses a CHOPto SOP to create a SOP using the input CHOP channels ‘chan1’ and ‘chan2’ as ‘x’ and ‘y’ positions. Any CHOP with two channels can be inputted into the CHOP input of this component.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:xyScope Ext

Parameters - X/Y Scope Page

Help Help - Opens this page.

Version Version - Current version of this COMP.

Particles Particles - Maps the CHOPS as individual particles instead of a single SOP.

Scale Scale - Adjust the scale of the visualization.

Feedback Feedback - Creates a feedback effect.

Color Color - - Uses RGBA channels to color rendered output.

  • Color Colorr - Sets the red color channel.
  • Color Colorg - Sets the green color channel.
  • Color Colorb - Sets the blue color channel.
  • Color Colora - Sets the alpha color channel.

Resolution Resolution - - Sets the output resolution width and height in pixels.

  • Resolution Resolutionw - Sets the resolution width in pixels.
  • Resolution Resolutionh - Sets the resolution height in pixels.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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