The webBrowser component in the palette is an interactive interface to the Web Render TOP. It is currently available on Windows only, in the Commercial, Educational and Pro versions of TouchDesigner.

webBrowser and the Web Render TOP is the Chromium project underneath, with the CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) wrapper providing the interface to the webBrowser and the Web Render TOP.

NOTE: The webBrowser component and the Web Render TOP are provided as-is with no support of the features or performance of the underlying technologies. Numerous features or capabilities of the Chrome / Chromium are not functioning and it is up to you to determine if it is satisfactory for your needs, and you assume the risk of its use in production.

See also Web Render TOP.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:webBrowser Ext

General Usage

When you click on web pages in the panel, the new URL is placed in the Address parameter and the new page is displayed.

It has pulse parameters to do the common Reload, Back and Forward functions of a browser.

Three Search pages are built-in where you enter a string in the Search Term parameter, select the Search Page from the menu and press the Search pulse. The Search page is in an extendable table inside the webBrowser component.

You can set the panel resolution in the Layout page Width and Height parameters, and the page will re-render and adjust to the new size. Your mouse roller wheel will control the scrolling but CAVEAT: the scroll bar may not function with the mouse unless you drag off the scroll bar.

You can pass a JavaScript to the web page via the JavaScript and Send JavaScript parameters.

Status and Errors are reported in three read-only parameters.

Parameters - Web Browser Page

Help Help - Opens this page.

Version Version -

Address Address - Enter the url the Web Browser should render here. When navigating a website, the current url is shown here as well.

Reload Current Page Reload - Reloads the page specified in the Address parameter by calling the JavaScript location.reload() function.

Go Back Goback - Renders the previous visited page in the browser history by calling the JavaScript window.history.back() function.

Go Forward Goforward - Renders the next visited page in the browser history by calling the JavaScript window.history.forward() function.

Search Page Searchpage - - Select from a list of predefined pages searchable with the Search Term parameter. The three predefined Pages: DuckDuckGo, TouchDesigner Wiki and TouchDesigner Forum are defined via a Table DAT inside the webBrowser component. To add or replace search pages, find the Table DAT called "pageSearch" and enter a name and label for how the search page would be displayed in this parameter, plus the url which allows to search.

For Example:

To add stackOverflow insert a new row into the table DAT called pageSearch with stack as the value for the name column, stackoverflow as the value for the label column and as the value for the url column.

  • TouchDesigner Wiki tdwiki - Searches the TouchDesigner Documentation.
  • TouchDesigner Forum tdforum - Searches the TouchDesigner Forum.
  • DuckDuckGo duckduck - Searches DuckDuckGo.

Search Term Searchterm - Search Term for Search Page.

Search Search - Initiate Search on page specified in Search Page parameter.

JavaScript Javascript - Specify JavaScript code to be executed on the currently loaded page. Have a look at the JavaScript HTML DOM Lessons for JS HTML DOM to find some examples.

Send JavaScript Sendjavascript - Send the JavaScript specified in the JavaScript parameter to the currently loaded website.

HTTP Status Httpstatus -

Error Error -

Error Code Errorcode -

Parameters - Settings Page

Active Active - Enables/disables the Web Render TOP.

Update Only when Loaded Updatewhenloaded - Only shows the web page when it is full loaded.

Transparent Background Transparent - Loads the webpage with a transparent background. This option will restart the browser process.

Enable Audio Audio - Let the browser process play audio if the web page contains audio. This option will restart the browser process.

Restart if Process Died Autorestart - Automatically restart the browser process if it died.

Restart Restart - Restart the browser process.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - The webpage as a texture.

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