This NDI In component is a wrapper for the NDIIn TOP. It adds features for extracting timecode and conversion to a frame index as well as signal validation and a backup source for cleaner integration into user friendly systems.

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Parameters - NDI In Page

Active Active - Turns on and off the NDIIn CHOP

Name Name - The name of the NDI stream to receive

Bandwidth Bandwidth - - An NDI setting for tranmission bandwidth. The setting can be either low or high.

  • High high -
  • Low low -

Inputpixelformat Inputpixelformat - - Choose Native or 8-bit pixel format.

  • Native native -
  • 8-Bit fixed8 -

Grouptable Grouptable -

Audiobuflen Audiobuflen - The length of the audio buffer in seconds. Audio output is delayed by this amount. For example, if the Buffer Length is 0.1 then the sound will occur 100ms = 0.1 seconds later than received (to keep the buffer full).

Signal Resolution Backup Signalresolutionbackup - - The resolution of the output when there is no valid signal incoming from NDI.

  • Signal Resolution Backup Signalresolutionbackupw -
  • Signal Resolution Backup Signalresolutionbackuph -

Parameters - About Page

Help Help - A link to help about this component.

Version Version - The version number of this component.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -
  • Output 1 -

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