Sends a frame index using a SyncCHOP or a TouchOut CHOP.

The Sync CHOP method is a Pro only feature. This method can more accurately synchronize as it utilizes a TCP-IP protocol over multicast, that ensures all computers are ready to advance to the next frame.

The TouchOut CHOP method works in all versions of TouchDesigner. It uses a UDP protocol so the frame is sent to all computers as quickly as possible.

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Parameters - Synchro Frame Out Page

Sync Sync - This feature is PRO Only.

Active (Sync) Syncactive - Activates the Sync CHOP mode for sending the sync frame index over multicast network. This feature is PRO Only.

Multicast Address Sync Syncmulticastaddress - The multicast address to use for the Sync CHOP.

Network Port Syncport - The port number to use for the Sync CHOP.

Timeout (msec) Synctimeout - The timeout in milliseconds for how long to wait for clients to respond.

UDP Udp -

Active (UDP) Udpactive - Activates the TouchOut CHOP for sending the sync frame over multicast network to clients.

Multicast Address Sync Udpmulticastaddress - The multicast address to use for the TouchOut CHOP for sending the sync frame index channel.

Network Port Udpport - The UDP port number for the TouchOut CHOP sync frame sender.

Queue Size (ms) Udpqueuesize - The queue size for sending the sync frame channel data.

Clear Stats Clearstatssync - Clears the stats for connected clients for the Sync CHOP.

Frame Frame - The frame index to send. Only available when the input of the component is not connected.

Delay (Frames) Delay - The number of frames to delay the sync frame. The delay length should be greater than the largest video stream frame latency for any client.

Hog Hog - Hog causes the server application to drop frames which can be useful for simulating and testing problematic behavior.

Hog Delay (Seconds) Hogdelay - The number of seconds to hog this process - for simulating bad behavior for the server application.

Reset Stats Resetstats - Resets the statistics.

Parameters - About Page

Help Help - A link to the help for this component.

Version Version - The version of this component.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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