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Parameters - Synchro Client Page

Sync Method Mode - - Sets the synchronization communication method. Sync CHOP method uses the TCP/IP protocol which is more accurate. The Sync CHOP is a PRO only feature. The TouchIn/Out CHOP method uses UDP protocol which can drop frames. However it may work better in situations where the network configuration is not optimal.

  • Sync CHOP (PRO Only Feature) Sync CHOP -
  • Touch In/Out CHOP Touch In/Out CHOP -

Sync CHOP Mode Settings Syncchopmodesettings -

Active Syncactive - Whether or not the Sync In CHOP is currently attempting to synchronize itself to a Sync Out CHOP

Multicast Address Syncmulticastaddress - An IP address to communicate on (

Port Syncport - The port number to communicate over

Sync Timeout (msec) Synctimeout - The maximum amount of time the CHOP will wait for synchronization signals from the other Sync CHOPs. This value is expressed in milliseconds.

TouchIn/Out Mode Settings Tdiomodesettings -

Active Tdioactive - Whether or not the Touch In CHOP is receiving data from Touch Out CHOP

Multicast Address Tdiomulticastaddress -

Port Tdioport - The port number to communicate over

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