Incoming video frames from the first input are cached and indexed according to the frame index coming in on the second input. The second input expects a single channel of the name "frame_stream". The third input expects a single channel of the name "frame_sync". The "frame_sync" channel will typically come over the network via SyncIn CHOP.

The "frame_sync" channel is the frame index that the server of the frame index expects all clients to play. If everything works correctly, then all clients will play the same frame at the same time.

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Parameters - Synchro Cache Page

Sync Lock Synccache - When active the Sync CHOP looks for an active SyncOut CHOP to act as a server for a frame index.

Frame Stream Framestream - The frame index from the video stream. Alternatively passed using the second input of this component.

Frame Sync Framesync - The frame index of the frame server - that is received by the synchroClient component or other sync frame source. Alternatively received in the third input of this component.

Cache Size Cachesize - The number of frames to buffer from the stream in device.

Resolution Resolution - - The resolution of output of this component.

  • Resolution Resolutionw -
  • Resolution Resolutionh -

Reset Stats Resetstats - Resets the Sync information stats table.

Fit To Viewer Fittoviewer - Fits the viewer display so the video raster is completely visible.

Dashboard Dashboard - Activates the DAT info dashboard in the component viewer.

Parameters - Overlays Page

Display Overlays Overlays - Displays the overlays text overlarys - in particular the frame index info

Text Overlay Color Statstextcolor - - The color of the text overlay

  • Text Overlay Color Statstextcolorr -
  • Text Overlay Color Statstextcolorg -
  • Text Overlay Color Statstextcolorb -
  • Text Overlay Color Statstextcolora -

Display Frame Index Displayframeindex - Activates the display of the frame index over the video feed.

Frame Index Font Size Frameindexfontsize - The size of the font for the frame overlay.

Parameters - About Page

Help Help - A link to the help for this component.

Version Version - The version number for this component.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 -
  • Input 1: in2 -
  • Input 2: in3 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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