TDVideo Recorder

  • Folder: The directory where the recorded video files are saved.
  • Viewfolder: A toggle or button to open and view the folder where the recorded video files are saved.
  • Filename1 to Filename7: Allows the user to set multiple filename presets. The number denotes different preset slots.
  • N: Possibly a parameter to choose between the preset filenames.
  • Filepath: Shows the complete path (Folder + Filename) where the video will be saved.
  • Recordstart: Triggers the start of the recording.
  • Recordstop: Stops the recording.
  • Recordactive: Indicates if recording is currently active or not.
  • Audiochop: A reference to an audio CHOP (Channel Operator) for recording audio along with the video.
  • Headerdat: Information or metadata that's included at the beginning of the video file.
  • Customresolution: Allows the user to set a custom video resolution.
  • Resolution: Dropdown or input field for selecting predefined video resolutions (e.g., 1080p, 720p).
  • Recordrange: Defines the start and end time or frame for the recording.
  • Framerange: Specifies a range of frames to be recorded.
  • Rate: The frame rate of the recording (e.g., 24fps, 30fps, 60fps).
  • Locktotimeline: Ensures the recording is synchronized with a specified timeline or timecode.
  • Cookeveryframe: Might be a setting ensuring every frame is computed, especially important if the content is dynamic or interactive.
  • Reload: Button or toggle to reload or refresh the component.
  • Matchmedia: Ensures the recording settings match the settings of another media file or source.
  • Matchtimeline: Syncs the recording's timeline with another timeline or sequence.