The quadReproject COMP is used to quickly setup multiple outputs using the Quad Reproject features of the Camera COMP. It is used for LED screens (or any pixel arrays) to render pixel-perfect images, rendered from any viewing location relative to the LED screen. It will output pixel perfect textures for one or multiple screens. For more details about quad reprojection, please refer to the Quad Reprojection page.

To get started, specify a Camera COMP (or previz camera), a Geo COMP (or scene), and lights. Then set the number of screens you need to output. It will create a block of three parameters for each screen where you can specify the screen resolution, the SOPs used for quad reprojection, and the 4 points on the SOP each Camera will use.

The quadReproject COMP groups screens of the same resolution together on the same Render TOP and uses the Multi Camera feature of modern GPUs to optimize by using the Render Select TOP for each additional camera. Screens of different resolution use separate Render TOPs.

See also Projection Mapping.

This is a sample file showing a simple setup with the quadReproject COMP: File:QuadReproject 0.1.5 SampleScene .toe

Note: The COMP might not be fully up to date in this file depending on whether you grab the file, compared to the COMP distributed in the Palette.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:quadReproject Ext

Parameters - quadReproject Page

Camera Camera - The Camera COMP used to visualize the scene. All additional cameras used in quad reprojection will use this Camera COMP's matrix and positions.

Number Of Screens Numberofscreens - The number of screens or quad reprojects that you want to output.

Geometry Geometry - Specifies which Geometry COMPs will be included in the rendered scene. You can use Pattern Matching to specify objects using patterns. Example: geo* ^geo7 will render all Geometry components whose names start with geo except geo7.

Lights Lights - Specifies which Light COMPs will be used to render the scene. You can use Pattern Matching here as well.

SOP 1 Sop1 - Specify the SOP that contains the geometry for this output. The SOP should be located in a COMP that is used to position it in the world, as its world position will be taken into account. Refer to the Quad Reprojection page for details.

Points 1 Points1x - - Fill the 'Quad Reproject Points' parameter with the 4 point numbers of the corners of the panel, as they are in the SOP you specified above. The points should be specified in bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right order.

  • Points 1 Points1x1 -
  • Points 1 Points1x2 -
  • Points 1 Points1x3 -
  • Points 1 Points1x4 -

Resolution 1 Resolution1 - - The resolution at which the output / screens should be rendered using Quad Reproject.

  • Resolution 1 Resolution1w -
  • Resolution 1 Resolution1h -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - The pixel perfect screen rendering. The list of outputs will increased based on the number of screens.

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