The pushPins COMP creates a pushpin effect using a TOP. The pixels in the TOP are converted to geometries in a grid. The height of the geometries are determined by the brightness of the pixels.

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Parameters - Push Pin Page

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Version Version - Current version of this COMP.

Environment Map Envmap - Uses a TOP texture to define an environment map for the material. Environment mapping simulates an object reflecting its surroundings. The TOP defined in this parameter is the texture that will be reflected. The Env Map is added to whatever the normal lighting will be, so to make an object purely reflective turn the Diffuse and Specular parameters to 0. This input expects a sphere map. An example of a sphere map can be found here. This input will also accept a cube map, created with the Cube Map TOP or the Render TOP's Render Cube Map parameter.

Environment Map Brightness Envmapbright - Controls the brightness of the Environment map.

Texture Height Textureheight - A multiplier for the geometry height.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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