DEPRECATED - The Point Transform TOP shoud now be used. This component will be removed from the Palette in a future release.

The pointTransform component applies a 3D transform to the XYZ point data stored in an image's RGB channels. The alpha channel of the input is passed along to the output unmodified.

The second input is an optional weight mask image that controls how strongly the transform is applied to each pixel. By default, all pixels are fully transformed according to the translate, rotate and scale parameters. One method of generating a weight mask is to use the Palette:pointWeight component.

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Version Version - The current version of this component.

Transform Order Transformorder - - The order that the transformation parameters (translate, rotate and scale) will be applied to the points in the input image.

  • Scale Rotate Translate Scale_Rotate_Translate -
  • Scale Translate Rotate Scale_Translate_Rotate, -
  • Rotate Scale Translate Rotate_Scale_Translate, -
  • Rotate Translate Scale Rotate_Translate_Scale, -
  • Translate Scale Rotate Translate_Scale_Rotate, -
  • Translate Rotate Scale Translate_Rotate_Scale -

Rotate Order Rotateorder - - The order of the axes used to rotate the point data.

  • Rx Ry Rz RxRyRz -
  • Rx Rz Ry RxRzRy -
  • Ry Rx Rz RyRxRz -
  • Ry Rz Rx RyRzRx -
  • Rz Rx Ry RzRxRy -
  • Rz Ry Rx RzRyRx -

Translate Translate - - An XYZ offset applied to the point data.

  • Translate Translatex -
  • Translate Translatey -
  • Translate Translatez -

Rotate Rotate - - Rotate the points around the X, Y and Z axes.

  • Rotate Rotatex -
  • Rotate Rotatey -
  • Rotate Rotatez -

Scale Scale - - Squash or stretch the point data in the X, Y and Z axes.

  • Scale Scalex -
  • Scale Scaley -
  • Scale Scalez -

Pivot Pivot - - An XYZ position to rotate the points around.

  • Pivot Pivotx -
  • Pivot Pivoty -
  • Pivot Pivotz -

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: positions - An input image containing XYZ data in the RGB channels. The alpha channel is ignored and passed unmodified to the output.
  • Input 1: weights - An optional weight mask that controls how the input is blended with the new transformd positions. Pixels with a weight of zero will be unchanged by the transform, while pixels with a weight of one will take the full transform. If no weight mask is used, then all pixels will be transformed completely. Note: The weight mask should generally be the same dimensions as the position input so that each pixel uses a unique weight. Weight masks can be generated using the Palette:pointWeight component.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - An output image containing the transformed pixel data. The output image will be the same dimensions as the input.

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