The operatorPath Component is a full-featured UI element for navigating operator paths in TouchDesigner networks.

It is similar to the path bar at the top of editor panes.


Current OP Currentop - The current operator path being pointed to.

Root OP Rootop - The operator that serves as the "root" of the path. The UI will not allow the path to leave this root.

Filter Classes Filterclasses - Only operators of these classes and components with operators of these classes inside them will be accessible by this component.

Filter Key Filterkey - A Python lambda function that filters accessible operators further. For example, to only accept operators whose names starts with "a":

  • lambda x:'a')

Current Arrow (>>) Currentarrow - When on, show the current arrow to indicate the "current" operator

Allow Empty Path Allowemptypath - When on, the component will allow itself to be empty, that is, have no path.

Allow op. and parent. Allowshortcuts - When on, allows user to type op. and parent. shortcut expressions when typing paths directly.

Right Click Menu Rightclickmenu - When on, show the network RMB menu when user right-clicks on an operator name

Set Current With Drop Setcurrentwithdrop - When on, if an operator is dropped into the component, set the path to that operator's path

Include Hidden OPs Includehiddenops - When on, make hidden operators accessible by the component.

Pop Menu Popmenu - The Pop Menu component that will be used when a slash ("/") in the path is clicked on.

All other parameters define the look of the path itself.


Output1 Current OP: the path of the operator that the component is currently pointing to.

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