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The opBrowser Custom Component provides a range of network browsing, viewing, and parameter editing capabilities. It can be used as a standalone browser or embedded into other UI's. All configuration features are controlled by custom parameters and can be made accessible or not in the browser UI.

PythonIcon.pngPalette/opBrowser Ext

Parameters - Browser Page

These parameters are general options for the Browser and Tree

Component Component - The root component to browse.  

Include Component Includecomponent - Show the Component in the browser tree. Otherwise, the top level will be Component's children  

Include Wire Hierarchy Includewirehierarchy - Organize the OP tree using hierarchy created by grey Component wires as well as depth.  

Include Result Parents Includeresultparents - Include the top level OPs in the tree.  

Limit Max Depth Limitmaxdepth - Use maximum depth settings for browser tree.  

Maximum Depth Maxdepth - Maximum component depth in the browser tree. 

Open Window Openwindow - Open browser window  

Close Window Closewindow - Close browser window  

Help Help - Open this help page  

Version Version(Read Only) - Browser version (for internal use)  

Parameters - Filters Page

These filters apply to the browser tree and generally duplicate those in OP Find DAT. Uses TouchDesigner style pattern matching. Lists are space delimited and strings with spaces should be in quotes.

Filter Roots Only Filterrootsonly - Apply filter only to browser tree roots. Otherwise, apply to all roots and branches.  

Object COMPs Objects - Show Object COMPs in browser tree  

Panel COMPs Panels - Show Panel COMPs in browser tree  

Other COMPs Other - Show other COMPs in browser tree  

TOPs Tops - Show TOPs in browser tree  

CHOPs Chops - Show CHOPs in browser tree  

SOPs Sops - Show SOPs in browser tree  

MATs Mats - Show MATs in browser tree  

DATs Dats - Show DATs in browser tree  

Case Sensitive Casesensitive - Filters will be case sensitive.  

Combine Filters Combinefilters- - Defines how the filters on this page are combined

* All all - All filters must be true
  • Any any - Any filter must be true

Name Namefilter - OPs with this name  

Type Typefilter - OPs of this type (use Python class name)  

Tags Tagsfilter - OPs with one or more of these tags  

DAT Text Textfilter - DATs containing this text  

Par Name Parnamefilter - OPs with parameters that have one of these names. Use Python parameter names.  

Par Value Parvaluefilter - OPs with parameters that have one of these values.  

Par Expression Parexpressionfilter - OPs with this string in their expressions  

Par Non-Default Only Parnondefaultonly - Ps with non-default parameters only  

Lambda Filter Key Lambdafilterkey - A Python lambda filter method, whose argument is the OP to be filtered out or not. For example, to get all OPs whose name starts with "A": lambda x:'A')  

Parameters - Tree Page

Settings for the browser tree

Right Click Menu Rightclickmenu - Bring up standard network context menu for OPs on RMB  

Multiple Row Select Multiplerowselect - Allow multiple rows to be selected in tree  

Double Click To Set Component Doubleclicktosetcomponent - Double-click a COMP in the tree to make it the new root Component  

Path Column Pathcolumn - Show Path column in tree  

Tags Column Tagscolumn - Show Tags column in tree  

Type Column Typecolumn - Set Type Column to display OP type abbreviations or full OP type name. Turning the column off is also an option.  

Type Column Width Typecolumnwidth - Width of Type column in pixels. 

Viewer Button Viewerbutton - Show Viewer button column in tree  

Parameters Button Parametersbutton - Show Parameters button column in tree  

Network Button Networkbutton - Show Network button column in tree  

Edit Column Definitions Editcolumndefinitions - Open the column definitions table for the browser. See Lister - column definition table for more info.  

Parameters - Panes Page

Pane and layout controls.

Pane Order Paneorder- - Defines the order of panes in the browser.

* Tree Viewer Parameters Tree_Viewer_Parameters -
  • Tree Parameters Viewer Tree_Parameters_Viewer -
  • Viewer Tree Parameters Viewer_Tree_Parameters -
  • Viewer Parameters Tree Viewer_Parameters_Tree -
  • Parameters Tree Viewer Parameters_Tree_Viewer -
  • Parameters Viewer Tree Parameters_Viewer_Tree -

Pane Configuration Paneconfiguration- - Defines the layout of the browser.

* Horizontal Horizontal - Left to right
  • Vertical Vertical - Top to bottom
  • Split Left Split_Left - Top to bottom on left side, last pane on right
  • Split Right Split_Right - First pane on left, then top to bottom on right side
  • Split Bottom Split_Bottom - First pane on top, then left to right on bottom
  • Split Top Split_Top - Left to right on top, then last pane on bottom

Show Header Showheader - Show the header with Path and control buttons  

Show Viewer Showviewer - Show viewer pane  

Show Parameters Showparameters - Show parameter pane  

Show OP Tree Showtree - Show tree pane  

Show Viewer Button Showviewerbutton - Show viewer display button in header  

Show Parameters Button Showparametersbutton - Show parameter display button in header  

Show OP Tree Button Showtreebutton - Show tree display button in header  

Sizeable Main Orientation Sizeablemainorientation - Show handle for sizing primary orientation  

Sizeable Split Orientation Sizeablesplitorientation - Show handle for sizing secondary orientation  

Knob Size Knobsize - Size of sizing handles 

Tree Min Size Treeminsize- -

Tree Min Size Treeminsizew - Minimum width and height of tree pane

Tree Min Size Treeminsizeh -

Viewer Min Size Viewerminsize- -

Viewer Min Size Viewerminsizew - Minimum width and height of viewer pane

Viewer Min Size Viewerminsizeh -

Parameters Min Size Parametersminsize- -

Parameters Min Size Parametersminsizew - Minimum width and height of parameter pane

Parameters Min Size Parametersminsizeh -

Parameters - Options Page

Other options for the browser

Edit Settings Editsettings - Open the edit settings window  

Edit Settings Button Editsettingsbutton - Show edit settings button in header  

Allow Viewer Interaction Allowviewerinteraction - Allow interaction in the viewer pane  

Viewer Interaction Button Viewerinteractionbutton - Show allow interaction button in viewer UI  

Path Right Click Menu Pathrightclickmenu - Bring up network context menu when you right-click in Path items  

Set Component With Drop Setcomponentwithdrop - Set Component by dropping a COMP onto Path in browser UI  

BrowserExt Extension Class

The BrowserExt extension provides extended functionality for working with opBrowser. Frequently used promoted members and methods are listed here. A full list can be found using the Python help() function.


Component The root component to browse. Same as the Component parameter.
CurrentOP The main selected operator. This is the operator that is shown in the Viewer and Parameter panes.
SelectedPaths A list of the OP paths currently selected in the tree.
TreeLister (Read Only) The Tree Lister custom component used in the opBrowser.


OpenToPath(path, doRefresh=True)True if successful, root opened in if already open, otherwise None.

Open tree to the provided path.
  • path: The path to open to
  • doRefresh: (Optional) - If True, call Refresh() after expanding items..

FromPathGetRowNum(path, startRow)Row number or None if row object is not currently visible.

Get tree lister row number of chosen path.
  • path: The object's path
  • startRow: (Optional) - Start the search at this row. Default: 0.

FromPathsSelectRows(paths, addSelection)list of paths that were not found

Select the rows with the provided paths. Tree will be expanded to selected paths. Any paths not found will be ignored.
  • paths: a list of path strings matching paths in the input table
  • addSelection: (Optional) - if True, add to current selection. Default: False.