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Parameters - Output Settings Page

Folder Folder - The folder to save newly encoded files to.

View Folder Viewfolder - Open file browser to the specified folder.

Filename 1 Filename1 - Define a string for part 1 of the filename.

Filename 2 Filename2 - Define a string for part 2 of the filename.

Filename 3 Filename3 - Define a string for part 3 of the filename.

Filename 4 Filename4 - Define a string for part 4 of the filename.

Filename 5 Filename5 - Define a string for part 5 of the filename.

Record Start Recordstart - Starts encoding and recording the file to disk.

Record Stop Recordstop - Stops encoding and recording of the file.

Record Active Recordactive - Relays the state of encoding. Its on when recording and off when not recording. This state is for informational purposes only.

Audio CHOP Audiochop - Provide a chop with an audiostream for recording audio into the file.

Header Source DAT Headerdat - Specify a DAT that holds desired meta information for encoding data into the header of the file.

Custom Resolution Customresolution - When active a custom resolution is used instead of the incoming resolution.

Resolution Resolution - - A custom resolution to override that which is coming in via the TOP connector.

  • Resolution Resolutionw -
  • Resolution Resolutionh -

Record Range Recordrange - When active, the specfied frame range is used and once the range has been recorded, the encoder stops automatically.

Frame Range Framerange - - The frame range to record when Record Range paramater is active.

  • Frame Range Framerange1 -
  • Frame Range Framerange2 -

Rate (FPS) Rate - The frame rate to record at.

Use Timeline Locktotimeline - Not supported yet.

Cook Every Frame Cookeveryframe - When active, the real-time mode for TouchDesigner is turned off, and every frame step is full cooked and encoded to file. When not active, the real-time that is currently set is used.

Reload Movie Meta Data Reload - Forces a reload of movie file information from the first moviefileinTOP that is found connected upstream of the input TOP connection.

Match Timeline To Media Matchmedia - Matches tthe main TouchDesigner timeline settings to the settings set in this encoder component.

Match Record Settings to Timeline Matchtimeline - Matches the settings in this encoder component to match that of the time settings for the timeline.

Parameters - Codec Page

Codec Videocodec - - Select the video compression codec used to encode the movie.

  • Animation rle -
  • Hap hap -
  • Hap Q hapq -
  • Hap R hapr -
  • Hap HDR haphdr -
  • H.264 (NVIDIA GPU) h264nvgpu -
  • H.265/HEVC (NVIDIA GPU) h265nvgpu -
  • GIF gif -
  • NotchLC notchlc -
  • VP8 vp8 -
  • VP9 vp9 -

Movie Pixel Format Moviepixelformat - - Options for the pixel format based on the Video Codec selected.

  • RGB rgb -
  • RGBA (Hap Q Alpha) rgbabc4 -

Audio Codec Audiocodec - - Select the audio compression codec used to encode the audio.

  • ALAC (Apple Lossless) alac -
  • MP3 mp3 -
  • Uncompressed 16-bit (PCM) pcm16 -
  • Uncompressed 24-bit (PCM) pcm24 -
  • Uncompressed 32-bit (PCM) pcm32 -
  • Vorbis vorbis -

Quality Quality - Select the quality of the movie compression. NOTE: Some codecs can not output lossless compression.

Stall for File Open Stallforopen - When this is on playback will stall until the file is opened and ready to receive frames, to make sure the frame that was inputted when Record was turned on gets recorded. When this is off recording may start on a later frame, after the file has been opened. Turning this off can avoid a stall in playback, if missing recording some frames at the start is acceptable.

Profile Profile - - Select the H.264 profile to use.

  • Auto-Select autoselect -
  • Baseline baseline -
  • Main main -
  • High high -

Preset Preset - - Select from the available presets.

  • None none -
  • Lossless lossless -

Bit Rate Mode Bitratemode - - Select between Constant or Variable bit rate, and regular or high quality bit rate modes.

  • Constant (CBR) constant -
  • Variable (VBR) variable -
  • Constant HQ (CBR) constanthq -
  • Variable HQ (VBR) variablehq -

Average Bit Rate Avgbitrate - Set the average bitrate target for the encoding.

Peak Bit Rate Peakbitrate - Set the peak bitrate allowed for the encoding.

Keyframe Internval Keyframeinterval - Set the number of frames between key-frames (I-frames) while encoding.

Max B-Frames Maxbframes - Bi-directional predicted (B) frames/slices (macroblocks)

Motion Prediction Motionpredict - - This setting can effect the final size of the compressed video but depends greatly on the complexity of the scene being encoded. The menu entries refers to the distance between pixels (quarter distance, half distance, or full distance which is a full pixel) as the motion vector precision for motion estimation during video compression. Quarter pixel precision can increase the quality of the motion prediction signal over half pixel precision, and this can sometimes result in better overall size compression if the improved prediction signal can offset the additional bits it takes to encode the higher precision motion vectors.

  • Default default -
  • Quarter quarter -
  • Half half -
  • Full full -

Frame Slicing Frameslicing - Enables frame slicing in the encoding which can control error resiliance of the video.

Num Slices Numslices - The number of slices to use when Frame Slicing is On.

Secondarycompression Secondarycompression - Hap uses a secondary CPU compression stage usually. Encoding video without this compression will result in faster playback, but potentially larger file sizes (which would require faster drives to play back).

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Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 -