This component helps with adding custom attributes to a SOP via python scripting. It duplicates functionality found in the Point SOP, Vertex SOP and Primitive SOP but can still be helpful when trying to find out how to add attributes via python.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:customAttributes Ext

Parameters - Attributes Page

Help Help - Opens this page.

Version Version - The current version of this component.

Name Name - Specify the name for the new attribute.

Type Type - - Select the attribute type.

  • Primitive Prim -
  • Vertex Vert -
  • Point Point -

Default Default - Set the default value for the new attribute.

Add Add - Add the attribute.

Attributes Attribs - A list of all added attributes.

Delete Delete - Remove the selected attribute.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 - The SOP to add the attributes to.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - The SOP with the added attributes.

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