The changeColor COMP selects a color using the RGB values in the “Color to change” parameter and modifies the selected color using the HSV parameter values. The changeColor COMP can output a color corrected TOP image or an alpha mask.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:changeColor Ext

Parameters - Change Color Page

Help Help - Opens this page.

Version Version - Current version of this COMP.

Match Color Matchcolor - -

  • Using RGB rgb -
  • Using Hue hue -
  • Using Chroma chroma -

Color to change Color - - Selects the color to be modified using red, green and blue color channels. Clicking on the color swatch opens a color picker with RGB and HSV (Hue, Sat, and Value) pickers.

  • Color to change Colorr - Sets the red color channel.
  • Color to change Colorg - Sets the green color channel.
  • Color to change Colorb - Sets the blue color channel.

Color Tolerance Tolerance - Adjusts the specificity in the selection of the color chosen in the “Color to change” parameter.

Color Softness Softness - Adjusts the sharpness and specificity of the edges selected by the “Color to change” parameter.

Invert Mask Invertmask - Inverts the color selection mask.

Hue Offset Hueoffset - Adjusts the hues selected by the “Color to change” parameter. The Hue Offset ranges from 0 to 360. For example, if the initial pixel color is 180 then a Hue Offset of 100 will change the hue of 180 (cyan) to be a hue of 280 (violet).

Saturation Multiplier Satmult - Adjusts the saturations selected by the “Color to change” parameter. This will multiply the saturation values specified by Saturation Range and Falloff parameters above. Setting this to 0 will reduce the selected saturation to 0, setting it to 1 will maintain the current saturation values, and setting it to 2 will make the selected saturation twice as saturated.

Value Multiplier Valmult - Adjusts the values selected by the “Color to change” parameter. This will multiply the values specified by Value Range and Falloff parameters above.

Output Output - - Outputs a TOP

  • Corrected corrected - The input TOP modified by the selected color and HSV parameters.
  • Color Mask mask - The color selection as an alpha mask.
  • Input input - Original input TOP.
  • All all - all outputs layed out in a grid and labled.

Dry / Wet Mix Drywet - Blends between the output image and the original input TOP.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: in1 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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