The bitwigNote COMP allows users to read a live stream of note events on a given Bitwig Track. The incoming notes will correspond to the track's note input source, whether it be output from a midi device or side-chained from another track or device within Bitwig. Users will use the navigation controls to specify which track's input source they want to monitor.

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Parameters - Bitwig Midi Note Page

Track Track - A read-only string providing the currently selected Track name.

Pin Track Pintrack - Indicates whether the current selection is pinned to the current track. If the selection is un-pinned, the selection will follow whatever track is currently selected in the Bitwig UI. If the selection is pinned, the selection will remain on the currently selected track independently of the Bitwig UI selection.

Prev Track Prevtrack - Will change the current selection to the previous track in the Bitwig UI.

Next Track Nexttrack - Will change the current selection to the next track in the Bitwig UI.

Make Visible In Arranger Makevisibleinarranger - If the selected track is currently out of the Bitwig Arranger view, pressing pulse will scroll the arranger window so that the selected track is brought into view.

Make Visible In Mixer Makevisibleinmixer - If the selected track is currently out of the Bitwig Mixer view, pressing pulse will scroll the mixer window so that the selected track is brought into view.

Select In Editor Selectineditor - Places the Bitwig Editor cursor on the currently selected track.

Select In Mixer Selectinmixer - Places the Bitwig Mixer cursor on the currently selected track.

Reset OSC Channels Resetoscchannels - Will clear the current OSC in channels in this Component

View All Midi Channels Viewallmidichannels - If enabled, will format the outputted CHOP to include a channel for all 128 possible pitch values. Otherwise, the output CHOP will only contain channels for the pitch of note events which have occurred since the last reset.

Translate Index to Pitch Translateindextopitch - If enabled, will translate the index-based pitch values to string-based music notation values in the output CHOP channels.

Parameters - Callbacks Page

Callback DAT Callbackdat - A reference to the Text DAT containing the callback methods for this Component.

Parameters - TDBitwig Page

TDBitwig Comp Tdbitwigcomp - A reference to the Bitwig Main COMP

Connect Connect - A toggle to manually enable or disable listeners associated with this COMP.

Listener Index Listenerindex - The index of the Cursor object which this COMP is communicating with.

Debug Messages Debugmessages - Print information about extension method calls for the Component

Timeslice OSC Chop Timesliceoscchop - If timeslice is enabled, the OSC Chop will cook every frame. If disabled, OSC Chop will cook only during changes, but cook time may be longer. Using time slice for performance optimization will usually depend on the particular use case.

Strip CHOP Name Prefixes Stripchopnameprefixes - Strip off the given number of address segments in the output CHOP channel names

Name Channel Prefix Namechannelprefix - If enabled, the output CHOP channel names will include with the name of the currently selected Track object. Otherwise, the channel names will begin with the integer index of the Cursor this COMP is connected to.

Parameters - About Page

Help Help - Opens this documentation page

Version Version - The TDBitwig version that this Component is updated to

.tox Save Build Toxsavebuild - The TouchDesigner build version that this Component was saved in

Update Update - If the tdBitwigPackage COMP is present in the TouchDesigner project, pressing pulse will update this Component to the newest version

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - A CHOP containing a channel corresponding to the pitch of the incoming note events

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