The BitwigMain COMP acts as the central communication and information hub for the TDBitwig System. It is responsible for relaying information between the Bitwig controller extension and the TDBitwig system. There should only be one of these Components present for every Bitwig session the user is communicating to; in most cases this will be one.

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Parameters - Setup Page

Connect Connect - This toggle is used to manually connect or disconnect from the Bitwig controller extension. A connection is established when the Bitwig controller extension recognizes a request to connect has been made, and replies with the relevant session information needed to operate the tdBitwig system. The connection status can be confirmed by the "connected" channel value in the Component OP viewer.

TouchDesigner In Port Touchdesignerinport - Defines the port number on which the system will receive incoming messages from the Bitwig extension.

Bitwig IP Address Bitwigipaddress - Defines the IP address of the device to which outgoing OSC messages will be sent. This should be the IP address of the device running Bitwig.

Bitwig Port Bitwigport - Defines the port number to which outgoing OSC messages will be sent. The port number can be configured in the controller extension settings within Bitwig.

Enable Outgoing OSC Enableoutgoingosc - Allows for outgoing OSC messages to be sent.

Enable Incoming OSC Enableincomingosc - Allows for incoming OSC messages to be read.

Enable Incoming Time Enableincomingtime - Allows for incoming timeline position information sent from Bitwig over OSC.

Parameters - Troubleshoot Page

Print Incoming OSC Printincomingosc - When enabled, incoming osc messages will be printed in the textport. Incoming messages will begin with the tag "OSC RECEIVE:"

Print Outgoing OSC Printoutgoingosc - When enabled, outgoing osc messages will be printed in the textport. Outgoing messages will begin with the tag "OSC SEND:".

Debug Messages Debugmessages - When enabled, messages containing relevant information about extension method calls will be printed to textport.

Send Ping Sendping - Sends a ping message to the speficied network IP and port, and prints a "Ping sent" message. If the bitwig controller extension succesfully receives this message it will send a ping reply. If this component receives the reply it will print "Ping reply received!". This functionality can be helpful for network troubleshooting.

Pin All Cursor Tracks Pinallcursortracks - Will pin all Cursor Tracks in the current Bitwig Session. This functionality will rarely need to be used but in instances where many Cursor Tracks are un-pinned, performance may become slow due to a high number of observer processes being run. If you notice that scrolling through tracks in Bitwig is slow, try pulsing this parameter.

Parameters - About Page

Help Help - Will open a url page containing the documentation for this Component.

Version Version - The TDBitwig version that this Component is updated to.

.tox Save Build Toxsavebuild - The TouchDesigner build version that this Component was saved in.

Controller Extension Version Controllerextensionversion - Provides the version for the Bitwig controller extension this Component is communicating with.

Parameters - Update Page

Update Update - If the tdBitwigPackage COMP is present in the TouchDesigner project, pressing pulse will update this Component to the newest version.

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 - A channel "connected" describing the TDBitwig connection status

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