Operators are the "Nodes" in TouchDesigner networks, and they output data to other operators. Each operator is customized with its Parameters and Flags.


Operator Familiesedit

There are six Families of built-in Operators. Of the six families, five are basic operator families and one is the Component family which can further contain networks of operators. Components containing components form the TouchDesigner hierarchy and give rise to the operator Paths.

Within each operator family, "generator" operators have 0 inputs and create data, and "filter" operators have 1 or more input and filter data.

Each operator family is a unique color. Only operators of the same family (color) can be Wired together. Many operators have parameters that are references to operators in other families: Links. Also Exporting flows numeric data from CHOPs to all operators.


Custom Operators of type TOP, CHOP, SOP, and DAT can be created using C++, allowing you to extend TouchDesigner's functionality. They will show up in the OP Create Dialog under the 'Custom' tab.

See also: PythonIcon.png OP_Class

Creating Operatorsedit

To add new operators to a network, use the OP Create Dialog. The OP Create Dialog can be opened by pressing the <tab> key, double-clicking on the network background, clicking the "+" button in the Pane Bar, selecting Add Operator from the right-click menu in any network, or by right-clicking on the input or output of another operator.

Converting data between OP Familiesedit

You can convert data between different Operator families using the following conversion operators. For example, you can convert geometry into a DAT list of point positions using the SOP to DAT operator, or convert a TOP image's pixel values into red, green, and blue channels in CHOP using the TOP to CHOP operator.

See alsoedit

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