Object Components (or 3D Objects) are a sub-Family of all Components and are used to define and render 3D scenes with the Render TOP. The most common object types are the Geometry Component which contain the 3D shapes defined by SOPs to render, and the Camera, Light and Null components.

There are sixteen 3D Object component types, found in the left column of the Components page of the OP Create menu:

"Object Space" refers to geometry (points in SOPs and other 3D objects) relative to a certain object, like where a point of a SOP is located relative to a camera. For this, the Object Merge SOP and Object CHOP and is useful. A "point in Object Space" is an XYZ position expressed in a reference frame relative to the origin of a certain 3D object.

Python Objectsedit

Separately, the term "Objects" is used in the context of Python scripting in TouchDesigner.