OP Snippets

OP Snippets is a set of 1000+ live examples of TouchDesigner Operators. Snippets can be copied/pasted into your projects.

The OP Snippets examples can be launched three ways:

  • right-clicking on an existing OP in your network, and select Operator Snippets... if the menu entry is selectable.
  • right-clicking on an operator name in the OP Create dialog and select Operator Snippets...
  • the Help menu - > Operator Snippets.

To see the latest snippets, press the Newest button in the Snippets window.


Guidlines for Submitting Operator Snippetsedit

You can send snippet examples to Derivative.

In a Text DAT named readMe, document what it does. Turn on Word Wrap on the Common page of the Text DAT.

By submitting a snippet you accept that we use it without compensation, for the benefit of the whole TouchDesigner community. We will do our best to credit you in the Snippet Author field.

Submit to

Note: Thanks to those who have contributed snippets already. Each contributed snippet takes some effort on Derivative's end to screen, polish and assure they follow current best practices. So they may not end up in the same form they started. But we do appreciate the contributions and all your insights.

Thanks for helping elevate the skills of the TouchDesigner community!