Notch is a realtime 3D authoring and rendering package.

Notch Block Playback

Notch Block playback is integrated in TouchDesigner via the Notch TOP, allowing for direct control of Notch blocks inside a TouchDesigner project. This feature is available when using TouchDesigner Pro or TouchPlayer Pro licenses.

Loading a Notch block automically generates any exposed properties as custom parameters on the Notch TOP.

A Notch Builder Pro license is required to load the blocks into TouchDesigner without a watermark (see Notch Builder licensing). With the Notch Builder Pro license, the resolution of the Notch block is limited to 1920x1080, any resolution over that amount will have a watermark. For higher resolutions or multiple HD outputs, a Notch Playback license is required. For Notch Playback licensing and resolution support, please refer to Notch Playback Licensing.

CodeMeter User Runtime must also be installed:

NotchLC Codec

The Movie File In TOP can decode and playback movie files using the NotchLC Codec. NotchLC is a high quality codec that is GPU accelerated and can be used for intermediary and playback tasks. No Notch license is required for this playback.