MAT Deform Page

Parameters - Deform Page

Refer to the Deform Article for more information on doing deforms in TouchDesigner.

Deform dodeform - Enables deforms on this material.

Get Bone Data: deformdata - - Specifies where the deform bone data will be obtained.

  • From a SOP sop -
  • From another MAT mat -
  • From a DeformIn MAT deformin -

SOP with Capture Data targetsop - Specifies the SOP that contains the deform capture attributes.

pCaptPath Attrib pcaptpath - Specifies the name of the pCaptPath attribute to use. When your geometry has been put through a Bone Group SOP, the attributes will be split into names like pCaptPath0, pCaptPath1. You can only render 1 bone group at a time, so this should match the group you are rendering with this material.

pCaptData Attrib pcaptdata - Much like pCaptPath Attrib.

Skeleton Root Path skelrootpath - Specifies the path to the COMP where the root of the skeleton is located.

MAT mat - When obtaining deform data from a MAT or a Deform In MAT, this is where that MAT is specified.