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Material Operators, or MATs, are used to create materials for geometry. They can be applied to geometry using the Material parameter on the Display page or any Object Components.

The Phong MAT and GLSL MAT are designed to use TOPs and GLSL programs (pixel and vertex shaders) as inputs to create more advanced shaders.

The most commonly used MAT is the Phong MAT. The Phong MAT contains a large number of lighting options that allow the users to create some very unique effects.

Constant MAT - this material applies a constant flat color to the geometry. There is no specular shading, ie shading is not effected by the camera or light positions.

Depth MAT - can be used to get depth information from the geometry for a depth-pass render. It will not render any color.

GLSL MAT - a powerful material operator which applies Pixel and Vertex GLSL shaders to the geometry. Geometry can be deformed on the GPU using vertex shaders. Geometry must have Texture Coordinates and normals.

PBR MAT - applies a PBR shader to the geometry. Use in conjunction with an Environment Light COMP. Substance Designer PBR materials can also be used via .sbsar files loaded into the Substance TOP.

Phong MAT - applies a phong shader to the geometry. Geometry must have normals for specular shading to work. Geometry must have Texture Coordinates for any applied maps to work (ie Color Map, Bump Map, Specular Map, etc). Geometry can be deformed using the Deform parameter page. The Phong MAT offers other advanced features for Transparency, Rim Lights, and Shadows.

Point Sprite MAT - special material for use with Point Sprite geometry type. The Particle SOP can create point sprites.

Line MAT - renders the geometry edges as lines and points with different geometry.

Using MATsedit

  • for Materials to texture geometry with, Phong MAT, GLSL MAT
  • setup for materials (normals, uvs, where to apply, lighting and rendering)
  • examples of applying a material, example of Rim Lighting, example of shadows