Live Multi Studio - LMS

Live Multi Studio (LMS) is a broadcast quality, low latency, video/audio/control transmission software developed by TBS and WOWOW. A suite of TouchDesigner plugins bring LMS to TouchDesigner alongside iOS and macOS apps.

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About LMSedit

LMS offers 2-way video and audio transmission from PC to PC and PC to iOS devices via the internet. The connection is ultra low latency (*delay of 0.1 sec or less can be realized) and connection is easy to setup without the need for port opening or changes to router settings. In addition to video and audio, LMS can transmit control data enabling real-time remote control of systems, cameras and devices.

LMS can transmit to multiple locations simultaneously, using different settings for each client's requirements. For example, one client (target = remote control station) may receive a ultra low latency feed where low latency is more important than stability, and another client (target = on air) may receive a feed with 500ms delay at broadcast quality with retransmission of lost packets supported when stability and quality are the primary requirement over latency.

LMS is developed by TBS and WOWOW.

Registration Form - LMS is currently available as a free trial.

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Tutorials and Examplesedit

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System Requirementsedit

TouchDesigner 2022.32120

Windows Windows 10 or 11 Nvidia GPU - driver 472.47 or above

  • GeForce series: Limited to simultaneous use of up to 3
  • Quadro series: No limit on simultaneous use

macOS macOS 10.15+ It is recommended to use Apple Silicon M1 or newer Intel models with 6th generation CPU or above are also supported