ListAttribute Class

The ListAttribute class describes an attribute defining a cell or set of cells in a List Component.


bgColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set background color.

bottomBorderInColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set inside bottom color.

bottomBorderOutColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set outside bottom color.

colStretchbool :

Get or set column stretchiness. When True, colWidth specifies minimum width.

colWidthfloat :

Get or set column width, expressed in pixels.

draggablebool :

Get or set whether or not cell is draggable.

editablebool :

Get or set whether or not contents are editable. When True, contents can be edited by clicking on the cell.

focusbool (Read Only):

Returns True if the cell/row/column/table is currently being edited.

fontFilestring :

Get or set font file. VFS embedded files supported as well.

fontBoldbool :

Get or set whether or not text is rendered in bold font.

fontFacestr :

Get or set font face. Example 'verdana'.

fontItalicbool :

Get or set whether or not text is rendered italicized.

fontSizeXfloat :

Get or set font horizontal size.

fontSizeYfloat :

Get or set font vertical size. If not specified, uses fontSizeX.

sizeInPointsbool :

Get or set text size units. When True size is in points, when False it is in pixels.

helpstr :

Get or set help string when rolling over the cell.

leftBorderInColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set inside left color.

leftBorderOutColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set outside left color.

radiobool (Read Only):

Returns true if the mouse last selected the cell/row/column/table.

rightBorderInColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set inside right color.

rightBorderOutColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set outside right color.

rolloverbool (Read Only):

Returns true if the mouse is currently over the cell/row/column/table.

rowHeightfloat :

Get or set row height, expressed in pixels.

rowIndentfloat :

Get or set row indent, expressed in pixels.

rowStretchbool :

Get or set row stretchiness. When True, rowWidth specifies minimum width.

selectbool (Read Only):

Returns true if the mouse is currently pressed over the cell/row/column/table.

textstr :

Get or set contents.

textColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set text color. Color values must be a tuple with four numeric entries corrresponding to red, green, blue, alpha ie: (0.3, 06, 0.1, 1.0)

textJustifyJustifyType :

Get or set text justification. Value is one of: JustifyType.TOPLEFT, JustifyType.TOPCENTER, JustifyType.TOPRIGHT, JustifyType.CENTERLEFT, JustifyType.CENTER, JustifyType.CENTERRIGHT, JustifyType.BOTTOMLEFT, JustifyType.BOTTOMCENTER, JustifyType.BOTTOMRIGHT

textOffsetXfloat :

Get or set horizontal text offset.

textOffsetYfloat :

Get or set vertical text offset.

topop :

Get or set background image TOP.

topBorderInColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set inside top color.

topBorderOutColortuple(r,g,b,a) :

Get or set outside top color.

wordWrapbool :

Get or set word wrapping.


No operator specific methods.

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