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Getting Startededit

Tutorials and Workshop Videosedit

  • Tutorials Page - A full list of tutorials available. Including user-contributed and older 088 legacy sections.
  • TouchDesigner Official Youtube - A growing collection of Derivative tutorials and workshop recordings, as well as videos from previous TouchDesigner Summits. Also check out the Community Playlists section for great tutorials shared by the community.
  • TouchDesigner Community Tutorials - The tutorials section of our website's community feed, an amazing resource growing everyday. If you have a tutorial you'd like to share, please upload it here by logging into Derivative and creating a TUTORIAL under My Account.
  • - An excellent resource that compiles learning materials in multi-languages from the broad TouchDesigner community, thanks to Jan Gryczan in Berlin.
  • TouchDesigner How-To Tips - A collection of Beginner, Intermediate and Pro how-to techniques showing you how to accomplish numerous tasks.


  • Search documentation using the wiki advanced search page.
  • The TouchDesigner Glossary is the gateway to the concepts and architecture of TouchDesigner.
  • Browse the Categories found in the navigation bar on the left.
  • On the splash page when starting TouchDesigner, press TOUCHTIPS to get various usage tips while-u-wait.
  • Operator Help pages - All the node types of TouchDesigner. And check out OP Snippets below.
  • Python page is the main jumping off point for all things Python in TouchDesigner. Python Reference is an alphabetical index of all Python pages in the wiki. Python Classes and Modules is grouped by subject. Also see the Introduction to Python Tutorial to learn the basics of Python scripting in TouchDesigner.
  • Help -> Python Examples in the TouchDesigner UI takes you to a PythonExamples.toe file with 100+ examples.
  • Offline Help - Access the wiki when you are not connected to the internet by pre-downloading the offline documentation package.

Sample Components, Tools and Examplesedit

  • OP Snippets - Over 1000 functioning examples found via (1) the Help -> Operator Snippets menu, or (2) right-click on any operator in any network, or (3) right-click on any operator in the OP Create menu. When you get there, browse the various OP types, or try pressing Rand or Newest.
  • Palette Browser - In the menu Dialogs -> Palette Library, or the left-pane of the default TouchDesigner. For a list of all Palette component help pages, see Category:Palette.
  • Community Assets - User-contributed components and assets for TouchDesigner in our website's community feed. If you'd like to share an asset, please upload it here by logging into Derivative and creating an ASSET under My Account..
  • Olib from alphamoonbase - A highly-recommended growing and active resource of free TouchDesigner Components.
  • ask google - just type “touchdesigner how …” and see what you get - example - touchdesigner how hand track to sound

Derivative Forumedit

  • General forums - Ask any questions, share techniques, or leave comments and requests. TouchDesigner support for Non-Commercial, Educational, and Commercial should be posted here in the forum. Pro license holders can contact us directly through Pro Support.

White Papers and Topicsedit

Online Courses (paid)edit

Other Resourcesedit

  • Facebook - Join us on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest TouchDesigner projects.
  • TouchDesigner Help on Facebook- Massively helpful Facebook Help Group for TouchDesigner run by users.
  • GitHub projects - Browse GitHub for a wide range of user submitted projects.
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter @1null1
  • Books - Books to help you learn TouchDesigner. and write GLSL Shaders
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions about TouchDesigner.
  • Vimeo - Videos posted by the TouchDesigner community on Vimeo.
  • CHOPCHOPCHOP - some earlier TouchDesigner Components.
  • Resources - Textures, devices, animations, movies, audio and more.