Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller can be used as an input device to TouchDesigner.


The Leap Motion controller tracks hands and fingers in an area directly above the device. It offers low latency, precise tracking and recognizes a number of motions and gestures. The gestures are provided to TouchDesigner through the Leap Motion SDK. TouchDesigner's Leap Motion support will be extended as more features and improvements are added to the device's SDK.

Leap Motion Support in TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner has built-in support for Leap Motion through the Leap Motion CHOP and Leap Motion TOP. At this time only 1 Leap Motion device can be connected at a time. Versions 2, 3, 4 (Orion) & 5 (Gemini) of the UltraLeap driver are supported in Windows, while only version 2 is supported on MacOS. Leap Motion is not supported on MacOS Monterey.

Leap Motion Licensingedit

TouchDesigner does not include a license to use the Leap Motion hardware or software. Make sure to check with the UltraLeap website regarding any applicable licenses that you may need for your project.


Ways to interact with Leap Motion in TouchDesigner

Leap Motion CHOP - will bring in sensor data from the LeapMotion controller as CHOP channels.

  • Status channels - how many tracked and tracking channels for each tracked element
  • Hand channels - position, type, and velocity
  • Finger channels - position, rotation, size, is extended, and joints.
  • Tool channels - position and size
  • Gestures
    • Pinch and Grab strength
    • Circle - index, position, radius, progress
    • Swipe - index, position, start position, speed
    • Key Tap - index, position
    • Screen Tap - index, position

Leap Motion TOP - will bring in image data from the Leap Motion image API.

  • Ability to view camera 0 or camera 1. Use 2 Leap Motion TOPs to view both cameras.
  • Some simple parameters to flip the images and enable Image Correction.

Tips for Working with Leap Motion

Examples of Leap Motion with TouchDesigner