Indices DAT


The Indices DAT creates a series of numbers in a table, ranging between the start and end values. These values are suitable for display along a graph horizontal or vertical axis. They are carefully picked to make them all round, nicely spaced, etc.


Parameters - Indices Page

Start start - The start of the number range.

End end - The end of the number range.

Level level - Determines how the range is divided. Coarse = 0, Medium = 1, Fine = 2.

Origin origin - The first number in the series.

Parameters - Common Page

Language language - - Select how the DAT decides which script language to operate on.

  • Input input - The DAT uses the inputs script language.
  • Node node - The DAT uses it's own script language.

Edit/View Extension extension - - Select the file extension this DAT should expose to external editors.

  • dat dat - various common file extensions.
  • From Language language - pick extension from DATs script language.
  • Custom Extension custom - Specify a custom extension.

Custom Extension customext - Specifiy the custom extension.

Word Wrap wordwrap - - Enable Word Wrap for Node Display.

  • Input input - The DAT uses the inputs setting.
  • On on - Turn on Word Wrap.
  • Off off - Turn off Word Wrap.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0: -

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